Everything you need to know about automotive hydraulic oil

Everything you need to know about automotive hydraulic oil

The car’s hydraulic oil is one of the oils used in decades-old vehicles that act like a brake fluid, making the steering wheel and other hydraulic parts more fluid.

But the question originally raised is that what is hydraulic oil at all? Simply put, hydraulic oil or Hydraulic Fluid is a fluid for moving mechanical parts. This oil is used for power transfer from two factors: pressure and flow. Types of hydraulic oils are also classified in synthetic and petroleum categories.

It’s not bad to know that in a hydraulic system, which, incidentally, is not limited to the previous generation of vehicles and is used in many other mechanical tools, such as cranes, pumps and hydraulic jacks, hydraulic oil plays the most important role. Of course, the performance of hydraulic oil varies depending on how it is used.

These include the following properties and items:

    • Viscosity or viscosity
    • Functional temperature
    • Hydraulic system type
    • Resistance to oil layers
    • Maximum moisture absorption
    • Acidity and PH number
    • Degree of resistance to oxidation

    In today’s modern cars, the car’s steering system is equipped with an electric motor and is no longer used less than a power transmission system using hydraulic oil in automobiles. Of course, this system continues to be used in many domestic production cars for decades due to their technology.

Time to switch the car’s hydraulic oil

Replacing the hydraulic oil and its time depends on many of the following: When you look at each of these items, it is important to know that the replacement of the hydraulic oil has come about in your car.

  • Oil blackening
  • To smell the burn of oil
  • See floor on the surface and inside the oil
  • Tightening of oil and resistance to leakage
  • Matte oil paint
  • Reduction of hydraulic oil level
  • Oiled hydraulic oil paint

Important note about changing the hydraulic steering oil of the vehicle is the failure to combine two different hydraulic oils with different viscosities. In general, try to replace the hydraulic oil from a type of product and the best hydraulic oil because of its importance and high performance, and when emptying the hydraulic oil compartment, completely remove the previous oil from the compartment space.

Hydraulic oil price steering

The price of a hydraulic hydraulic oil depending on the brand of oil and vehicle type can be quite different. For example, the  price of Caspian Hydraulic Oil  in its simplest type, which is not even used for a  Pride machine  , is about 21,000 tomans in the 950 milliard pack. It is also not worth mentioning that the  best hydraulic oil for Pride control  should be DEXRON II and PSF-III.

If you want to buy the  best hydraulic oil from Samand command  , you should pay more than 100,000 USD. The price of the total hydraulic oil for the LHM Plus model and the one-liter closure is about 107 thousand tomans.

The price of hydraulic oil Pride  and the  price of hydraulic oil of Samand command  , according to what is mentioned, depending on Iranian and foreign brand or under license, as well as its standards can be different.

The suggestion of the Kayhan is to always use hydraulic oil with the specifications in the car’s manual, regardless of its manufacturer’s brand.


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