The main tasks of the car technical examination centers

The main tasks of the car technical examination centers

What are the tasks of a car technical examination center? Certainly, everybody knows that a large number of accidents and accidents leading to death are a technical disadvantage of the car. It should also be accepted that a periodic technical inspection of vehicles can prevent these problems and significantly reduce these incidents.

Experts say the rules should be rigorous and one of them, which acts as a very strong brake, is a high-paying fine. On the other hand, you need to provide the services needed to troubleshoot vehicles that need these services. Hence, centers have been established to identify the disadvantages of the automobile, called the inspection centers, which were delegated to the private sector.

What do car inspection centers need to do?

But which parts of the machines are tested or tested in these centers?
The activities of the technical examination centers
Viewing the appearance of the car glass in terms of fracture and the percentage of smoke
Pollutant Testing
Test front lights, small lights and pads and brakes
Toggle wheel alignment
Performance of shock absorbers
Brake system test
Status section of the command line and front end

Thus, if a car is rejected in one or more stages of these tests due to technical malfunction, the defect or vehicle defects will be carried out at the request of the owner in validated repair shops. After the defects are rectified, the vehicle is issued a technical examination certificate.

Now, the question is how and how to not reject the technical examination?

So, before you go to the technical examination centers, visit and control the above items. It should be noted that for the first time, the discussion about pollutant emissions and health status of automobiles in Iran was formally introduced in 1353. In the same year, it was stipulated in the traffic rules that the technical inspection of the car is mandatory.

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