Kayhan industrial group policy

Kayhan Industrial Group has started its operations in 1998 as one of the largest manufacturers of standard and standard rubber tires in the east of the country. The Kayhan Industrial Group is determined to do the following in order to design and manufacture the axle parts of the automobile in order to improve and improve the national production quality In the automotive industry, increasing the market share, meeting the requirements and expectations of the company, as well as the proper utilization of human capital.
1. Promoting the satisfaction of both domestic and foreign customers. 2. Quality and efficient staffing.
3. Upgrading the level of knowledge and skills of employees. In order to improve the quality of products’, increase the price Type and Type in Organization
4-Otolid Products Based on International Day Standards
5. Establishment of Comprehensive Management System to Reduce Possible Errors


Perspective of the Kayhan Industrial Group

In the industrial group of Kayhan, we believe that using today’s technology, we can take effective steps to boost the national economy in order to produce world-class automotive parts in competitive markets and exports.

The Kayhan Industrial Group sets its goals in line with the organization’s line to increase customer satisfaction, deploying and strengthening its expert and efficient personnel in order to improve the quality of products, and also provide a wide range of domestic auto industry needs and strengthen the export of products by the organization.